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Each time you or one of your employees get behind the wheel, your business is exposed to financial loss due to that driver’s liability. Fortunately, our commercial auto insurance policy can protect you against any damages to your own vehicle, damages you cause to other vehicles or property, and third-party injuries.

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Get Best-in-class Commercial Auto Insurance in NY

Be it an employee who hit a pedestrian while driving to work or a mailbox damaged by your swerved car, our commercial auto insurance policy will cover you against any road accident involving your business vehicle. It will help you pay off the resulting repair/replacement expenses of the damaged property while covering the medical bills of the injured. You can choose from any of the following coverage options or combine them together for all-round protection:

  • Bodily injury liability- pays for the other driver’s medical bills
  • Property damage- covers damages caused to third party property
  • Collision- pays for repair/ replacement of your car after it hits another car or object or rolls over
  • Comprehensive- pays for damages caused by non-collision incidents, such as fire, theft, etc.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist- covers your medical bills and repair/replacement of your car if the other driver is uninsured or has inadequate insurance
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)- covers lost wages, medical expenses, or funeral costs incurred after an accident regardless of who caused it

We Provide Customized Coverage for Fleet Operators

If you have five or more commercial vehicles, we can help you protect them with fleet insurance. With this coverage, you'll pay less than you would while insuring each vehicle individually. With fleet insurance, any licensed driver in your company can drive any vehicle in your fleet.

Your Business Vehicle Needs More Than Personal Auto Insurance!

Your Business Vehicle Needs More Than Personal Auto Insurance!

Even if you have personal auto insurance coverage, any vehicle you use for business needs protection beyond that. In most cases, personal insurance only covers you and your immediate family members in the event of an accident. On the other hand, commercial auto insurance will cover all of your employees with a valid license as additional insureds.

At Tompkins Insurance Agencies, we have been proudly serving communities in western and central New York and southeastern Pennsylvania for more than a century. Our expert professionals are well-versed in writing customized policies for businesses in all 50 states. If you'd like more information about using commercial auto or fleet insurance to protect your business, contact us today .