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Our hope is that you know you can reach out to our trusted advisors for answers to all of your insurance questions, but we also know that your time is valuable. In an effort to give you quick and direct solutions to your queries, here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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In short, yes! Without workers’ compensation, you’ll not only be breaking the law but also opening your business to the possibility of a lawsuit. With this coverage, your employee doesn’t need to sue you for medical expenses or lost wages.

All businesses can benefit from general liability insurance, which will be your first line of defense against any lawsuits that arise. There are other types of liability insurance worth considering, though. If you have a board, for example, you could benefit from directors & officers liability insurance.

If you sell your products online or store sensitive data in the cloud, cyber liability insurance is important to consider. Talk to your trusted advisor at Tompkins Insurance about the right level of liability coverage for your unique business.

Generally, if you have five or more vehicles that your business is using for commercial purposes, fleet insurance is a good idea. This type of policy will give you the flexibility to allow any licensed driver on your staff to get behind the wheel with coverage.

Not only was Tompkins ranked one of the top 100 commercial insurance brokers in the nation by Business Insurance in 2015, we also have over a century of experience we can put to work for you. Pair that with our full-spectrum services and top-tier service, and the Tompkins Difference becomes clear.


A health savings account (HSA) can benefit you and your employee. Your employee benefits because he or she has the convenience of having money automatically withdrawn from paychecks and deposited into this account before taxes are deducted. This also reduces his or her tax-deductible dollars. The HSA can then be used to pay higher deductibles. Because higher deductible health plans have lower premiums, your business can save.

A competitive benefits package is a key way to attract the best employees to your business. With great benefits, you can win out over other companies vying for the top individuals in your industry. Then, your benefits program can help you keep those employees happy and healthy, increasing the likelihood they’ll stay at your business.

Healthier employees are more productivity, meaning you’ll can get more out of your team when they are well. Additionally, healthy employees use fewer sick days and report higher workplace satisfaction. This, in turn, reduces turnover and the associated costs.

Voluntary benefits can give you the opportunity to build out an impressive benefits package at no cost to your business. Your employees pay for their voluntary benefits, but will still be served by this offering because you can get them a lower rate than they would be able to get on their own.


While your auto and home policies go a long way toward improving your financial security, they could still be leaving you exposed. For example, homeowners insurance does not include flood coverage. You need a separate flood insurance policy to be protected against this risk!

Layering umbrella insurance and valuable items insurance over your home and car’s coverage can help you get the most out of your insurance. Umbrella insurance will offer at least $1 million of liability coverage and valuable items insurance to help protect your expensive assets.

Your homeowners insurance will, of course, help protect your home. It also offers coverage for your personal property, meaning your furniture, clothes, electronics, etc. are protected (up to your policy limits). On top of all of that, it also offers liability coverage which will step in to protect you against legal expenses if, say, a guest is injured on your property or your tree falls on your neighbor’s car.

Tompkins has been serving communities since 1875. We offer 24/7 service and the most cost-effective options, and we’ve been ranked as one of the top 100 independent property/casualty agencies in the nation according to Insurance Journal. Let us put our expertise and dedicated service to work for you!