Attention Tompkins customers who are Adirondack policyholders:
Please look for communications from us by email and US mail regarding the current Adirondack situation and Tompkins’ response. Rest assured, we’re on it, working hard to address the situation for you, and will keep you posted.

Umbrella Policy


While you've already done the responsible thing and purchased homeowners or renters insurance, you could still be exposed. At Tompkins Insurance Agencies, we can help cover your unique risk exposures, extending protection beyond your standard policy limits with umbrella liability insurance.

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Additional Liability Coverage to Protect Your Personal Assets

Umbrella liability insurance offers you an umbrella of protection over the liability limits of your homeowners and auto insurance policies.

It will cover instances where:

  • You cause damage to another’s property
  • Someone gets hurt at your home, and you are liable for their medical bills
  • A lawsuit is brought against you for an accident that took place on your premises

Note that umbrella liability insurance will kick in only after the claim exceeds the limits of your standard home/auto insurance policy.

Umbrella Insurance

What Isn't Covered by Umbrella Insurance?

This policy won't cover :

  • Business losses: includes any damage to your business property or loss of business income
  • Intentional acts: includes any harm or damage caused by you intentionally
  • Breach of contract: Contract violations that cause others to sue you

Be Prepared for Uncertainties with Tompkins

At Tompkins Insurance Agencies, your protection is our priority. We understand the immense value of your personal assets and are committed to protecting your treasures with extensive coverage options. If you find yourself facing significant legal expenses after a car accident, a guest injury, or a tree falling onto your neighbor's property, an umbrella policy will step in once your existing coverage limits are exhausted.

This way, you can stay protected from unforeseen, significant expenses. Our customers vouch for our prompt, courteous services. We go the extra mile with our additional liability coverage that keeps you secure anywhere, anytime. Call us today at 1-888-261-2688 to learn how we can meet your unique insurance needs with customized coverage. Our agents are available 24/7 to answer your questions and service your claims.