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Workers' Compensation


What happens if a member of your team gets injured or falls ill due to the conditions at your workplace? Fortunately, workers' compensation can step in to make sure your employee gets the medical benefits and income replacement they need to make a complete recovery.

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Property & Liability

What Will Be Covered by Workers' Comp Insurance?

Accidents at the workplace involving your employees can leave your business legally and financially liable. As a state-mandated coverage, workers' comp insurance covers any expenses incurred by your injured employees. This can include claims made for:

  • Falling from heights
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Fire or explosions
  • Workplace violence
  • Machinery accidents
  • Overexertion or heavy lifting accidents
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals or substances
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Care for Your Employees While Protecting Your Bottom Line

Workers' comp insurance serves the dual purpose of compensating your employees while saving you from paying out of pocket for employee-related medical bills or legal expenses. It also pays for their ongoing care (physical therapy and rehabilitation) and replaces a portion of the income lost while they are recovering from their injury or illness. In worst-case scenarios, this policy will cover the funeral/burial costs of the employee if they pass away as a result of the injury or illness.

If an injured employee sues you, workers' comp will cover the attorney fees, defense and settlement costs, and other legal expenses.

Employees Covered at Tompkins

We Have You and Your Employees Covered at Tompkins

Whether it is a minor cut or a disabling injury, your employees deserve your utmost attention. You can't be there for them at all times, but with our workers' comp insurance in place, you can rest assured knowing that your employees are well-protected against any unforeseen mishap. This not only allows you to focus on your business but creates a stronger bond of trust between you and your employees, as they realize you have their best interests at heart.

At Tompkins Insurance Agencies, we value human well-being above all. Safe employees make productive workers, and we are committed to helping both your employees and your business grow under the protection of our comprehensive workers' comp policy.

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